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MT-EZ: Application Form for Single Residential Lot or Structure Amendments to National Flood Insurance Program Maps

These forms should be used to request that FEMA remove a single structure or a legally recorded parcel of land or portions thereof, from a designated Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), via Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA). A LOMA is a letter from FEMA stating that an existing structure or parcel of land that has not been elevated by fill (i.e. the existing structure or parcel of land is on natural grade) would not be inundated by the base flood. These forms assure FEMA that all pertinent data relating to the request is included in the submittal.

The address and fax number associated with the documents below has been updated. Please send all materials and/or payments to the following address:

3601 Eisenhower Avenue, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22304-6426

Note: Expired MT-EZ, MT-1, and MT-2 forms may be used until further notice. Please proceed to use these forms when completing your Letter of Map Change (LOMC) application.

MT-EZ Instructions (Revised October 2021)

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MT-EZ Instructions - Spanish (Revised October 2021)

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MT-EZ Form Only - Word Document

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