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Tropical Storm Barry

Residents impacted by Tropical Storm Barry please continue to follow instructions from your local officials. Keep in touch with loved ones through social media or text. For more safety tips and news download the FEMA App

California Earthquake

California residents in the affected areas should follow the direction of state, tribal and local officials.  Aftershocks may continue and can be strong enough to do additional damage to weakened structures.


In our most recent blog post we discuss, Pet Preparedness and 10 items you'll need for your pets hurricane emergency kit.


In this episode, the Southern California, 89.3 KPCC Public Radio team shares why they developed “The Big One” and how storytelling can help compel people to take action and prepare for disasters.

South And Midwest Severe Weather

FEMA announced that federal disaster assistance has been made available to the states of Arkansas,  South Dakota and Oklahoma to supplement state, tribal and local recovery efforts in the areas affected by severe winter storm, snowstorm and flooding.  For disaster assistance please visit,

Southeast Severe Weather

FEMA is working closely with state officials and our federal partners at the National Weather Service forecast offices to support  Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Kentucky, as they continue to assess the impacts due to recent severe storms, landslides, mudslides, tornadoes or flooding.

FEMA Podcast

This week on the podcast,   we're sharing a previously released PrepTalk with Amanda Ripley, who's a journalist and senior fellow at the Emerson Collective. She combines the inspiring stories of disaster survivors with research into how the brain works when confronted with unusual events to provide advice on how emergency managers can help indivduals become more decisive in an emergency.

Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018

On Oct. 5, 2018, President Trump signed the Disaster Recovery Reform Act of 2018 into law, these reforms acknowledge the shared responsibility of disaster response and recovery, aim to reduce the complexity of FEMA and build the nation’s capacity for the next catastrophic event.

There are new procedures in place to access your online FEMA assistance account on

FEMA Transportation

Want to provide transportation services to help FEMA with both steady-state and disaster response needs? Register your company with the FEMA Tender of Service Program!