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A man and a woman sit across the table from a FEMA representative at a Disaster Recovery Center

Missouri & Arkansas Severe Storms

Residents in Missouri and Arkansas may be eligible to apply for assistance online.

Approved Fire Management Grants

We approved Fire Management Assistance Grants for two fires in Nevada and one in California to help cover the costs of staffing, equipment, and emergency work.

Serving Communities When Needed

Our reservists - on-call employees who deploy to disasters when called upon - come from all walks of life. What brings them in and what makes them stay is a passion for our mission.

An Inseparable Duo

"Meet Elizabeth and Ventoux - a highly trained canine/handler Urban Search & Rescue team. The job isn’t for everyone, but those who do it are certainly heroes."

Atlantic Hurricane Season

Atlantic hurricane season started on June 1st. Prepare yourself, your family, and your home with these tips.