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  • Photo of two street cars in New Orleans.
  • In this photo, a Douglas County flood warning sign is surrounded by flooding and the trees in the background depict the high flood waters.
  • Photo of rough winds and waves from Hurricane Sandy battering Black Dog Wharf at Vineyand Haven, Mass. on Oct. 29, 2012.
  • In this photo, the camera angle is pointing towards the sky looking up at a tree with the sun peaking through the tree's branches.


August 4, 2015
When it comes to creating meaningful and impactful change, youth are some of the most important members in a community. During the FEMA Youth Preparedness Council annual summit, I sat down with
July 28, 2015
“What can I do to protect my house of worship against emergencies or disasters?”It’s a question that I’ve heard far too often and with increasing concern lately. Fortunately,
July 15, 2015
There is a lot of buzz and interest surrounding this week’s New Yorker article The Really Big One: An earthquake will destroy a sizable portion of the coastal Northwest. The question is when.
July 13, 2015
Volunteers are some of the most important players when it comes to an emergency management team. Their importance is magnified during disasters, such as the recent flooding in Texas, where over 30

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