FEMA Grants

Grant funds are available for pre and post emergency or disaster related projects. These funds support critical recovery initiatives, innovative research and many other programs. Grants are the principal funding mechanism FEMA uses to commit and award federal funding to eligible state, local, tribal, territorial, certain private non-profits, individuals and institutions of higher learning.

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On August 13, 2020, the Office of Management and Budget published revisions to various sections of Title 2 of the Code of Federal Regulations (2 CFR) as they relate to federal financial assistance.

While some of the revisions were effective on August 13, 2020, most of the changes took effect on November 12, 2020. For information on these changes, visit our Guidance and Tools.

We are continually working to improve how we support you in this process.

How to Get a Grant

Each grant has different eligibility requirements and application process.

  1. Find a grant that meets your need or supports your project.
  2. Read through the eligibility requirements and application process.
  3. If the grant has a cost share with the applicant or recipient, evaluate if you can afford it.
  4. Determine your applicant type. (ex. state or non-state, applicant or sub-applicant)
  5. Complete a benefit-cost analysis, if needed.
  6. Submit application.
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Read about the grants lifecycle from Grants.gov to learn more about what to do before you submit a grant application, how grants are awarded and what to do after an award has been given.

Types of Grants

Grants and government funding can feel overwhelming while trying to find the right program for you or your organization. Please take the time to read through eligibility and use FEMA’s guidance and tools to help.

Non-disaster funds to support citizens and first responders.


  • Cybersecurity
  • Public transportation systems
  • Firefighters and Law enforcement
  • Training
  • Meeting national-level standards

Informational Bulletins provide stakeholders with administrative instructions and guidelines critical to supporting the effectiveness and efficient delivery of FEMA Preparedness Grant Programs, including policy updates.

Funds for reducing or removing risk before a disaster.


  • Annual funds for planning and projects
  • Flood damage reduction
  • Facility retrofitting
  • Forest or grassland fire management

Funds to supplement and expand work done by local nonprofit and governmental social service organizations helping our nation's hungry and homeless.


  • Sheltering
  • Food
  • Supportive Services

The Next Generation Warning System Grant Program (NGWSGP) will support investments that improve the resilience and security of public broadcasting networks and systems.

Resilience Grants

Learn about grants to help states and territories promote dam safety, as well as funds available to rehabilitate eligible "high-hazard potential" dams.

Eligible states and territories may apply for assistance to:

  • Develop seismic mitigation plans
  • Conduct safety inspections
  • Update building codes
  • Increase awareness and education
  • Participate in emergency management exercises
  • Promote earthquake insurance
  • Support for Multi-State Groups
Last updated December 5, 2022