Preparedness Grants

Preparedness grants support our citizens and first responders to ensure we work together as a nation to build, sustain and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate terrorism and other high-consequence disasters and emergencies. 

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Preparedness Grants Manual for Recipients of Grant Funding

  • Policies and procedures for managing preparedness grants
  • Guidance specific to each grant
  • Rules and regulations that guide the proper management of FEMA grants

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About Preparedness Grants

News and Information Bulletins

See the latest news releases related to Preparedness Grants awards, as well as Informational Bulletins containing administrative instructions and guidelines critical to supporting the effectiveness and efficient delivery of FEMA Grant Programs.

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Since 2002, DHS has awarded more than $56 billion to grant recipients to prevent, protect against and respond to terrorist threats and other hazards to the nation.

On Feb. 25, 2021, DHS released the Fiscal Year 2021 Notices of Funding Opportunity for eight preparedness grant programs totaling nearly $1.9 billion, an increase of $90 million over FY 2020.

Award Allocations from these NOFOs are included in Information Bulletin No. 464, which can be found on the Information Bulletins page.

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All FY 2021 preparedness grant Notices of Funding Opportunities can be found at Final submissions must be made through the non-disaster grants system.

Available Grants - FEMA Administered

Emergency Management Performance Grant

Enhancing and sustaining all-hazards emergency management capabilities.

Tribal Homeland Security Grant

Preventing, preparing for, protecting against and responding to acts of terrorism.

Transit Security Grant

Protecting critical public transportation systems (intra-city bus, ferries and all forms of passenger rail) from acts of terrorism.

Intercity Passenger Rail Grant – Amtrak

Protecting Amtrak rail system from acts of terrorism.

Homeland Security Grant

Preventing, preparing for, protecting against and responding to acts of terrorism.

Nonprofit Security Grant

Fund physical security enhancements and activities for nonprofit organizations that are at high risk of a terrorist attack.

Intercity Bus Security Grant

Protecting private operators of intercity over-the-road bus transportation systems from acts of terrorism.

Port Security Grant

Protecting ports from acts of terrorism.

Other Available Preparedness Grants

Assistance to Firefighters Grants

Three grant programs focused on enhancing the safety of the public and firefighters in fire-related hazards.

Presidential Residence Protection Assistance Grant

Reimbursements to state and local law enforcement agencies for costs incurred while protecting any non-governmental residence of the president being secured by the United States Secret Service.

Regional Catastrophic Grant Program

Funding for local governments to encourage innovative regional solutions catastrophic incidents.

National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program Grant

Funding to support the establishment of earthquake hazards reduction programming and implementation of earthquake safety, mitigation and resilience activities at the local level.

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