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01AR-02-APRW - Respirator, Air-Purifying, Negative Pressure, Wildland Fire Fighting

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Wildland Fire Fighting Air-Purifying Respirator (WFF-APR), Certified by NIOSH as compliant with the WFF-APR performance requirements and certified as compliant to NFPA 1984 Standard on Respirators for Wildland Fire Fighting Operations. Depending on the respirator design, this item may include the respirator canister/cartridge component certified as complaint under the NIOSH Wildland Fire Fighting Air-Purifying Respirator approval and the NFPA 1984 standard.

Grant Notes

The purchase of this equipment is limited to those jurisdictions located in a UASI or jurisdictions containing critical infrastructure, and is at risk from terrorist-set wildfires. Jurisdictions wishing to purchase this equipment must provide a justification including the following information: the jurisdiction's wildfire history, the jurisdiction's current wildfire vulnerability/risk and wildfire response history, and the current level of training on wildfire ensemble use. Requesting jurisdictions are advised to consult The National Strategy: The Final Phase of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy (2014) and The 2010 Wildland-Urban Interface of the Conterminous United States to assist in determining their wildfire vulnerability.Prior to obligating funds in this equipment category, recipients must obtain written approval from FEMA by consulting with their Program Analyst and providing a detailed justification for the request.

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