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FEMA Begins Recovery Operation Transition in New Mexico

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Release Date:
January 17, 2024

SANTA FE -- In the coming weeks, FEMA will begin the process of consolidating all recovery operations in New Mexico into a single unified operation, including the Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Claims Office. This initiative is specifically designed to boost efficiency and streamline processes, ultimately benefiting impacted individuals and communities. 

As part of this process, current staff will be integrated into the new operational structure, and we will be establishing a Chief Operating Officer (COO) role to lead the on-the-ground long-term recovery efforts and to reflect the change in focus from development to effective delivery at the local level. For those with ongoing claims, rest assured – this transition won't have any adverse impact on your claim. 

Shortly after the passage of the Fire Assistance Act in 2022, Angela Gladwell was appointed to the director role and successfully built a compensation program from the ground up, assembling a team of locally hired staff with knowledge of New Mexico and the communities affected by the wildfires. As the program's focus transitions and a COO is established, Director Gladwell will transition to a new role within FEMA, maintaining her commitment to advancing the agency's mission. 

This week, the Claims Office will release a comprehensive Program and Policy Guide (PPG) with additional details about the types of claims that are being paid and helpful guidance on the documentation needed for payment. While there is much more work to do to support New Mexico, the release of the PPG marks a milestone in implementing compensation authorized by the Fire Assistance Act. Additionally, to simplify and expedite the process, the Claims Office will release checklists for the most common types of loss along with the documents needed for each of those losses. 

Individual renters or homeowners, regardless of whether they received or were denied FEMA assistance, can file a Notice of Loss with the Claims office. If you have not yet filed a Notice of Loss, you can find the form at or at one of our Claims Offices. Claims Navigators are readily available at the Claims Offices and are ready to help.