FEMA ap prezante evènman vityèl ak fas-a-fas pou bay fòmasyon, ede sivivan dezas, pataje opòtinite travay, epi fè pwomosyon lòt aktivite ki gen rapò ak ede moun anvan, pandan, ak apre dezas.

Evènman pase

Educates recipients and subrecipients on the federal procurement under grants rules applicable when purchasing during exigency or emergency circumstances.

graphic depicting the 10 preparedness actions
When organizations, such as food pantries, daycares, and non-profits, are unable to sustain operations during an emergency incident, individuals who rely on them are exponentially impacted. Because of their importance in keeping the community going, OPEN is designed to empower these organizations with emergency preparedness training to better prepare for incidents.

FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate (GPD) is offering a series of 30-minute training webinars on the Build America, Buy America Act (BABAA), a part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). These virtual trainings will be facilitated by GPD’s Buy America Branch (BAB) and offered on various dates from April through August 2024. The trainings will cover a variety of topics related to BABAA, including roles and responsibilities, best practices, covered products, and waivers.

image of house under water
Do You Know Your Flood Risk? Join FEMA, state, and local officials for an opportunity to view the updated flood maps for the Plymouth County Charles River Watershed Floodplain Mapping Study.

This office hours webinar is for interested applicants for either funding opportunity.
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