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After FEMA Approval

Once you have received an email confirmation from FEMA indicating that you have been approved for the 2022 FEMA Tender of Service Program, complete the following steps to confirm that you are set up to receive payments from FEMA, have full access to LSCMS, and can submit annual rates during the open bid cycle (trucking only).”

Steps 1-3

1. Receive a Prompt from FEMA to Enroll in Third Party Payment System U.S. Bank Syncada

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Syncada enrollment must be completed in order to be eligible to move FEMA loads.

If you are a new TSP, once you are approved a member of the Transportation Programs team will email you with information on how to contact U.S. Bank to enroll with Syncada. You may not contact U.S. Bank unless you receive this email from FEMA first.

If you are a returning 2021 FEMA Approved TSP and wish to verify that your company’s Syncada enrollment is still active, please email for assistance.

2. Complete Web Tenders Training

Any Transportation Service Provide representative that will manage assigned loads in LSCMS will need an LSCMS-C account with Web Tenders application access. A link to Web Tenders training will be provided in the FEMA approval email. To complete this step, Transportation Service Providers must:

  • Complete the Web Tenders training.
  • Pass a quiz on the training material with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Once these two items are complete, FEMA will notify you when you have been granted access to the Web Tenders application.

3. Submit Linehaul & Accessorial Rates – Currently CLOSED

Approved Transportation Service Providers have the option to submit linehaul & accessorial rates for Full Truck Load and LTL services via FEMA’s Transportation Procurement System during the open rate filing cycle each year. Information regarding the dates of the next open rate filing cycle will be posted as it becomes available.

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Transportation Service Providers that do not submit rates during the open rate cycle will only be eligible to participate in One Time Only (OTO) Bid opportunities.