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Logistics Supply Chain Management System Account Help

The Logistics Supply Chain Management System in the Cloud (LSCMS-C) is the internet-based software system that FEMA uses to manage transportation functions. LSCMS-C provides the capability for Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) to upload documents for FEMA review and approval, allows FEMA staff to schedule and book transportation with FEMA-approved TSPs, and allows completed transportation moves to be promoted for payment through Syncada.

LSCMS-C Account Access

A new Transportation Service Provider (TSP) should request access to LSCMS-C to begin the onboarding process. To obtain access to LSCMS-C, all TSP users must first fully complete and sign the LSCMS-C User Account Management Request Form and the System Rules of Behavior and User Security Agreement (single document). TSPs must have at least one active user in LSCMS-C to onboard and/or remain a FEMA-approved TSP.

 A TSP can also request user accounts for new users if they need multiple people to manage LSCMS-C. If more than one person needs to access LSCMS-C to upload the required onboarding documents, each of those people must submit their own LSCMS-C User Account Management Request Form and the System Rules of Behavior and User Security Agreement to the Transportation Programs mailbox.

The FEMA Tender of Service Program facilitates two levels of LSCMS-C user access:

  • Carrier Document Upload – this access allows a user to upload documents that are required for a TSP to become a FEMA-approved TSP.
  • Carrier Web Tenders – TSPs are required to use this function to provide timely, updated information regarding FEMA shipments including trailer number (or container number), trailer license number, delivery status, and other relevant information. This level of access is only granted to TSPs who have fully completed the onboarding process and have completed online training; please see the FEMA STOS for full details.

Once the LSCMS-C User Account Management Request Form has been processed, a FEMA system administrator will send the User an email with a username and temporary password for access to the Logistics Gateway within LSCMS-C. Please be aware that you must log in to your LSCMS-C account at least once every 35 days or your account will be automatically disabled.

At least one user from each TSP needs Carrier Document Upload and Carrier Web Tenders access to obtain and maintain the TSP’s eligibility for the FEMA Tender of Service Program.”

Maintaining Your LSCMS-C Account

You must change your password every 90 days.

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If you forget your password and/or your account has been disabled for not logging in within 35 days, you must contact the FEMA Enterprise Service Desk at 1- (866) 804-2394.

Existing LSCMS-C user account holders for an Approved TSP must complete the LSCMS-C User Account Recertification process every year to certify that they still require access to the system. Otherwise, the account will be deleted from the system. Eligible LSCMS-C users are notified by email when it is time to complete this process. Each LSCMS-C account is specific to the individual user therefore the recertification process must be completed by the individual account holder and with the correct information. Another member from the carrier company is not permitted to complete the LSCMS-C recertification for an account that does not belong to them.

Other LSCMS-C Account Considerations

A requesting user should use a personal or individual email address on their user request form. Utilizing a shared email address when creating an LSCMS-C account will cause inconsistencies in LSCMS-C account notification emails and the LSCMS-C account recertification process.

Sharing an LSCMS-C account or password is prohibited. Users should never e-mail or give the account password over the phone. A user will not, under any circumstances, login using another user's account.

Leaving a workstation unattended while an active LSCMS-C session is still running constitutes a security violation. Log out of LSCMS-C before walking away from your machine.

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If you have a question about LSCMS-C that was not covered in the information above, please email with your question and the team will answer it for you.