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Staffing For Adequate Fire And Emergency Response (SAFER)

The Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants (SAFER) was created to provide funding directly to fire departments and volunteer firefighter interest organizations to help them increase or maintain the number of trained, "front line" firefighters available in their communities.

The goal of SAFER is to enhance the local fire departments' abilities to comply with staffing, response and operational standards established by the NFPA (NFPA 1710 and/or NFPA 1720). For details, review the National Fire Protection Association's codes and standards.


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Connect With Us

Contact the AFG Program Help Desk toll-free at 866-274-0960 or send an email to firegrants@fema.dhs.gov.

Fire Program Specialists in FEMA’s regions respond to questions about the program and conduct grant monitoring activities. View regional contacts.

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Use the table below to search for awards by organization or program name, sort by state or filter by year.

Organization State Program Award Amount Award Date Sort ascending
International Association of Fire Chiefs, Inc. VA Recruitment and Retention $2,572,242
Pine Hill Fire Department NJ Hiring of Firefighters $347,550
Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District CA Hiring of Firefighters $1,604,466
Shreveport, City of LA Hiring of Firefighters $2,458,575
Portsmouth, Town of RI Hiring of Firefighters $2,240,760
Casa Loma Volunteer Fire Association, Inc. CA Recruitment and Retention $649,800
Board of Co Commissioners of Washington County Maryland MD Hiring of Firefighters $8,080,776
Rockwall, City of TX Hiring of Firefighters $3,041,614
Aspen Fire Protection District CO Recruitment and Retention $1,298,384
Hillsboro Fire Protection District MO Hiring of Firefighters $1,011,600
Fort Worth, City of TX Hiring of Firefighters $9,556,320
Lehigh Acres Fire & Rescue FL Hiring of Firefighters $7,952,678
Bedford, Town of NH Hiring of Firefighters $1,071,724
Charlottesville, City of VA Hiring of Firefighters $3,498,300
Banks, County of GA Hiring of Firefighters $1,387,224
North Las Vegas, City of NV Hiring of Firefighters $4,724,580
Hillside, Village of IL Hiring of Firefighters $1,430,820
Wintersville Volunteer Fire Department OH Hiring of Firefighters $1,045,008
Avondale, City of AZ Hiring of Firefighters $3,090,402
Lakes of The Four Seasons Volunteer Fire Force, Inc., The IN Recruitment and Retention $235,300