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The items eligible under FEMA's Other Needs Assistance (ONA) provision of the Individuals and Households Program and categorized as uninsurable expenses (chainsaw, generator, etc.) are chosen by the state on a per-disaster basis and are established by standard line item pricing. Pricing is established as the disaster is declared and is used throughout the disaster. FEMA cannot exceed the amount of assistance as determined by standard line item pricing and the State.

FEMA does not accept the return of un-opened and/or non-expired MREs.

FEMA does not purchase Recreational Vehicles (RVs) for evacuees from commercial dealers. However, FEMA may purchase RVs from commercial dealers for first-responders.

FEMA does not reimburse for items stolen from your home during a mandatory evacuation. Please contact your local authorities to report the theft and contact your insurance company.

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