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Temporary local hires: • Help staff disaster operations, • Allow disaster survivors to get back to work while adding to the long-term recovery of the local community, • Are in direct contact with other affected residents and disaster survivors, and • Bring a special understanding of the problems faced by their fellow disaster survivors.

A dedicated direct telephone number and email address will be provided for any Reservist to contact the Ombuds once the Office of the Reservist Ombuds is activated. Additional means of contact are being considered and these will be announced as they become available. 

FEMA's Individuals and Households Program does not provide food assistance or  food vouchers. Voluntary organizations in the disaster area may be able to help with your food needs. If you have a food-related need, please call 2-1-1 for a referral to an organization that can assist. If you have losses other than food, including damage to your home, personal property, or vehicle, we recommend you complete an application.

The FEMA Reservist Ombuds is a new function within the Director of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Division of the Office of Chief Counsel (OCC). The role of the Ombuds is to collect, investigate, and analyze issues and concerns of Reservists based on FEMA policies, instructions, procedures, and/or practices in order to recommend actions to improve the effectiveness of the Reservist workforce. Organizationally, the Ombuds reports directly to the Chief Counsel and has direct, unfettered access to the FEMA Chief of Staff when, and if, necessary to propose recommended actions. 

The goal of the Reservist Ombudsman Office is to create a feedback loop on systemic issues for Reservists. The information gained from the Reservists will form the basis for recommended changes or suggestions to top leadership to advance organizational fairness, engagement, and responsiveness for Reservists. The Reservist Ombudsman Office will create a committed forum for open communication that results in continuous improvement and learning for the Agency. 

No. Salary will be based on the primary title for which you are qualified in the FQS system. Furthermore, if you deploy under a subordinate title, your pay will not be affected. 

No, DAEs that transition to the new Reservist Program will not have their pay reduced. FEMA will exempt or “grandfather” the pay of DAEs who transition directly into the Reservist Program under an FQS title before the end of 2012.

As with the DAE Program, the Reservist Program pay structure will consist of 5 Pay Grades with three levels within each Pay Grade (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3). The details of the new pay structure are still under development. However, the current approach will work to align pay grades with an FQS positions required knowledge, skills, abilities, and responsibilities in an incident response.

The pay scale by level, by hour and over-time rate are displayed on the DAE Payscale  page.

For technical assistance on applying for a Reservist Program vacancy , please contact the Job Applicant Helpline at (304) 480-7300 or by email at The Call Center will start accepting calls and emails when the vacancy announcements open.