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International Affairs Division

FEMA’s International Affairs Division (IAD) defines and manages international partnerships to enhance the Agency’s disaster readiness; strengthen regional, hemispheric, and global emergency management capabilities; and, support U.S. Government homeland security priorities.


  • Promote International Cooperation and Coordination: Establish and maintain partnerships with capable international responders and implement arrangements for cross-border mutual assistance to build a more resilient Nation.
  • Lead U.S. North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Civil Emergency Preparedness (CEP): Shape and implement U.S. Government’s NATO civil emergency preparedness policies and priorities consistent with Executive Order 12656 as the U.S. Permanent Representative to the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Committee and coordination of all U.S. Government NATO CEP activities.
  • Enhance Disaster Readiness and Response: Manage the International Assistance System and the International Resources Coordination Group during Level I activations through the identification of international resources available to meet validated resource gaps.  Lead the interagency decision-making process for international offers of assistance and facilitate subject matter experts’ reciprocal participation in domestic and international national level exercises.
  • Coordinate FEMA’s International Engagements: Facilitate and staff international engagements to advance FEMA and U.S. Government policy priorities with strategic international partners.  Support international partnerships led by the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense and/or State to support a more resilient Nation.


  1. Enhance the Nation’s emergency management capability and capacity through reciprocal international cooperation.
  2. Support a more resilient Nation by advancing homeland security objectives through international engagement.
  3. Provide specialized disaster response expertise to resolve international issues.
  4. Design and execute an effective COVID-19 response.


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