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Individuals who have funeral costs associated with a federally declared disaster are encouraged to apply for disaster assistance. Please visit the Disaster Funeral Assistance Fact Sheet for more information about funeral assistance. Information about how to register for assistance is available at: Registering for Individual Assistance. 

Please visit the  Industry Liaison Program (ILP)   page to find information regarding your request. Not everyone that helps our nation prepare for and respond to emergencies works directly for FEMA. You can also volunteer to serve your community by getting involved. Learn how by visiting's Get Involved web page.

Buy-out programs are administered by the local emergency management agency. Please contact your Local Emergency Management Agency to see if a buyout program is available in your area. Additional information about buyout programs is available by visiting the FEMA Buyout page.

As listed in the API Terms & Conditions: users of FEMA's API should cite the date that FEMA data were accessed or retrieved using the APIs. Users must clearly state that "This product uses the Federal Emergency Management Agency's API, but is not endorsed by FEMA." FEMA cannot verify the quality and/or timeliness of any data or any analysis derived after the data has been retrieved from   The logos and/or seals of FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) may not be used without prior written authorization from FEMA or DHS.

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Follow the instructions provided in the message. If you require technical assistance accessing your online account, please call the FEMA Technical Helpdesk at 1-800-745-0243; they are available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The primary audience for the Independent Study Program is first responders, EMS personnel and US citizens. The Independent Study Program has no requirements for instructors to teach our courses; however, we do suggest the instructor is familiar with the course materials before teaching the course.  Reviewing the material, taking and passing the exam online and reviewing any classroom materials provided are suggested ways to familiarize yourself with the material. All exams must be submitted  online.

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