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At the present, we are focused on getting those employees who are not qualified in any FQS title qualified. We will wait until we have adequate numbers of employees who require a class before we schedule deliveries in order to spend our limited funds wisely.

The U.S. Treasury checks associated with FEMA assistance will have " Disaster Assistance " identified on the lower left hand corner of the check.

If a decision on your insurance settlement has been delayed longer than thirty (30) days from the time you filed the claim you may be eligible for an insurance advancement from FEMA.  These funds are considered a loan and must be repaid to FEMA once you receive your settlement from your insurance company.  Contact FEMA if your insurance settlement is delayed.FEMA will send you a Request for Advancement and Signature letter.  You must complete and return this letter before FEMA can evaluate your request for assistance.

Training is going to be offered in the most appropriate locations based on open Position Task Books and cost effectiveness. Basic level courses will be held in JFOs while advanced level training is best suited for locations such as Emergency Management Institute (EMI) where those employees from each Region who need an advanced course can be brought together for a single offering. Intermediate level courses may be offered in regional offices, EMI, or other facilities based on cost saving opportunities and proximity to those who need the training. Yes, funding will be allotted for Reservist to attend training at EMI or Regions.

A national cadre structure chooses employees by the specific operational program or job they do in support of Agency-wide disaster operations. Within each cadre are specific FEMA Qualification System Incident Management or Incident Support job titles.

Yes. will let you to upload a pre-existing resume to be included in your profile. However, you should know that not all open jobs may accept uploaded resumes

You will be sent a confirmation notice if you chose to receive this notification in your profile.  You may also check on the status of your application by selecting "Application Status" in the account. 

You can access via the Internet from your computer and Blackberry,® iPhone,® Windows® Mobile and AndroidTM devices.

In general, FEMA imagery, video and audio materials are not copyrighted.  For FEMA's full Photo, Video & Audio Use Guidelines please visit the  Photo, Video, & Audio Use Guidelines   page. You can add one or all of our  widgets  to your site.  Or visit our  FEMA Media Library    to embed, download or receive a transcript of a Video, Photo, Audio or other resources. 

If your insurance settlement does not meet your disaster related needs, you may be eligible for assistance from FEMA. If your insurance does not cover all of your disaster related needs, you need to write a letter to FEMA explaining your situation and include a copy of a settlement or denial letter from your insurance company. FEMA cannot duplicate any insurance coverage.