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National Continuity Programs

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Continuity Programs (NCP) serves the public by coordinating the federal programs and activities that preserve our nation’s essential functions across a wide range of potential threats and emergencies. On behalf of the White House, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the FEMA Administrator, NCP guides and assists the planning and implementation of continuity programs that enable federal, state, tribal, territorial and local governments to deliver critical services to survivors throughout all phases of a disaster. Continuity and sustainment of essential functions is a shared responsibility of the whole community. Development and maintenance of continuity capabilities helps build and sustain a more resilient nation equipped to sustain essential functions, deliver critical services, and supply core capabilities under all conditions.

 About the Directorate

NCP’s structure functionally aligns with Presidential Policy Directive 40 (PPD-40), and enables NCP to coordinate the inter-agency plans and procedures that sustain the nation’s ability to prepare, prevent, respond, recover, and mitigate the effects of both natural and manmade threats. Click here to download the NCP brochure.

NCP consists of the Office of the Assistant Administrator, the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center (MWEOC) and six Divisions: Continuity of Implementation Division (CID); Continuity Communications Divisions (CCD); Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS); Continuity Support Division (CSD); Policy, Plans, and Evaluation Division (PPED); and Business Management Division (BMD).

Integrated Public Alert & Warning System (IPAWS)

Continuity Resources and Technical Assistance


William Zito Jr., NCP Assistant Administrator

Daniel Lipka, NCP Deputy Assistant Administrator

Berl D. Jones, Jr., MWEOC Executive Administrator

Lomax Gaskin, Executive Officer

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