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Office of External Affairs


The Office of External Affairs (OEA) engages, informs and educates all internal and external stakeholders in support of the agency's programs and initiatives to achieve FEMA’s mission to support people before, during and after a disaster. Our office coordinates products and messaging through client-centric strategies to tell FEMA’s story, build a nation-wide culture of preparedness, educate the nation to be ready for catastrophic events and inform public to make FEMA more understandable to survivors.  

OEA offers a variety of services designed to meet business needs, including:

  • Media relations
  • Speaking events
  • Digital and print communications

OEA also regularly engages with Congress, state, local, tribal and territorial governments, non-governmental agencies, and the private sector. Communicating and proactively engaging with these stakeholders helps strengthen working relationships, advances the agency's priorities and ensures our intergovernmental partners are better prepared for and able to recover from the impacts of all hazards.

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Congressional Affairs


Disaster Operations

Cadre Inquiries:  FEMA-EA-General@fema.dhs.gov

Disaster Operation Inquiries: FEMA-ESF15-Coordination@fema.dhs.gov

Intergovernmental Affairs


Private Sector


Press Office


Speakers Bureau


Tribal Affairs


Congressional Testimony

View congressional testimony and speeches from FEMA administration officials.

Ready Campaign

Ready is a national public service advertising campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made disasters. The goal of the campaign is to get the public involved and ultimately to increase the level of basic preparedness across the nation.

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Visit Ready.gov or in Spanish at Listo.gov.

Press Office Products

Last updated Jul 27, 2020

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