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Region 6

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation

Risk Map

Determining Available Flood Hazard Information

Base Level Engineering Tools and Resources

Virtual Flood Risk Open House

Mitigation Guides


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FEMA Region 6 office, located in Denton, Texas oversees federal emergency management for 68 Tribal Nations and the following states:

Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation

Potential impacts to the environment and cultural resources must be considered when a community applies for FEMA funding through Public AssistanceHazard Mitigation Assistance and Preparedness Grants.

Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP)

Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) is a national FEMA program that works with states, tribes, territories and local communities to evaluate and better understand their current flood risk, as well as the actions that can be taken to mitigate and become more resilient against future risk.

Determining Available Flood Hazard Information

The Available Flood Hazard Information (AFHI) tables are produced quarterly and may be issued intermediately in response to a Federal Disaster Declaration. AFHI tables allow access to all available flood hazard information within the FEMA flood mapping program, allowing communities, state, and federal entities access to all available data.

Base Level Engineering (BLE) Tools and Resources

We have resources to assist communities for the local review and incorporation of Base Level Engineering datasets in their floodplain management activities. These tools connect up with BLE data available, free-of-charge, on the interactive on-line portal, known as the Estimated Base Flood Elevation (estBFE) Viewer.

View All Base Level Engineering Resources

Virtual Flood Risk Open House

Updating flood maps can be a multi-year effort and providing community review of the maps before they go effective is an important part of the process. FEMA works with communities to provide information and resources online to view the Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps. It’s important for property owners to understand options if they need to consider flood insurance, or if they disagree with the maps.

When face-to-face meetings are not always possible, a Virtual Flood Risk Open House can provide many of the same resources and a link to FEMA’s Flood Map Changes Viewer.

Go to the Community Members’ Guide

Mitigation Guides

Mitigation Funding Resource Guides provide state, territory, and local officials with a wide range of potential funding resources including grants, loans, technical assistance and in-kind services from multiple stakeholders.

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Leadership Region 6 - Tony Robinson

Tony Robinson
Regional Administrator

Appointed in January 2013. Under his leadership, the Region has awarded and managed over $1 billion in grant funding each fiscal year to assist Region 6 partners.

Tony Robinson Full Bio

Moises dugan standing in front of an American Flag

Moises Dugan
Deputy Regional Administrator

His responsibilities include oversight and implementation of response and recovery operations for presidentially declared disasters in the five-state region.

Moises Dugan Full Bio


Upcoming Events

FEMA is seeking public comments on how the agency's programs deal with climate change and underserved communities and populations.

FEMA is offering a series of webinars throughout the month of June to further educate people on the pandemic operational guidance.

Regional News and Information

BATON ROUGE, La. – For Louisiana renters and homeowners who cannot live in their homes because of the severe storms, tornados and flooding in May, FEMA rental assistance may help. The initial rental award is for two months and may be reviewed for further assistance.

illustration of page of paper Press Release | June 14, 2021
If you have a disability or condition that requires specific accommodations, you may want a family member or friend to help make a plan for evacuating safely in the event of an impending hurricane.
illustration of page of paper Fact Sheets | June 8, 2021
GFIP refers to a flood insurance policy established under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) regulations. All NFIP policyholders (including GFIP certificate holders) can make a claim after being flooded, even without a presidential disaster declaration.
illustration of page of paper Fact Sheets | June 8, 2021
Survivors who have uninsured or underinsured losses may be eligible for FEMA help to make their homes livable. Louisiana residents affected by severe storms, tornadoes and flooding from May 17-21 who have not already done so are advised to contact their insurance company and file a claim for disaster-caused damage.
illustration of page of paper Fact Sheets | June 8, 2021

BATON ROUGE, La. – Louisiana homeowners and renters affected by the May severe storms, tornadoes and flooding who live in parishes that have recently been designated for Individual Assistance could be eligible for help from FEMA.

The parishes are:

illustration of page of paper Press Release | June 3, 2021
Last updated May 12, 2021