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FEMA’s Hazus Program provides standardized tools and data for estimating risk from earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Hazus models combine expertise from many disciplines to create actionable risk information that increases community resilience. Hazus software is distributed as a GIS-based desktop application with a growing collection of simplified open-source tools. Risk assessment resources from the Hazus program are always freely available and transparently developed. The Hazus Program is managed by FEMA’s Natural Hazards Risk Assessment Program (NHRAP), within the Risk Management Directorate.

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Download Hazus Today

Users can download the Hazus software for free from the FEMA Flood Map Service Center.

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User and Technical Manuals

The Hazus User Manuals support model functionality, while the Hazus Technical Manuals provide detailed information about how the models work and how to generate loss estimates. See all manuals.

Get Started

Learn more about the Hazus risk modeling process.

Find additional Hazus resources, including training, videos, and other supporting materials.

See how Hazus can help support data-driven decision making for mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

Learn more about how to download, install, and run Hazus and how to access our new open source tools.

Explore our collection of success stories to see how other organizations and programs have used Hazus.

Read about the latest Hazus Program updates and events.

Connect with the Hazus Team

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Do you have a risk assessment success story to share? Email the Hazus Team with questions or comments.

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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is available by emailing the Hazus Help Desk.