Developing an AWN Program Plan

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Step 1: AWN System Information 

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The following prompts are intended for organizations that are considering implementing an alerts, warnings, and notifications (AWN) program or need assistance developing a comprehensive emergency alert program plan. Before you begin, consider gathering the necessary information to ensure your AWN program plan is as complete as possible. This information may include:

  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with IPAWS (if applicable)
  • Standard Operating Procedures for current alerting mechanisms
  • Staff and Vendor contact information

There are five sections to completing your alerting program plan:

  • Step 1: AWN System Information
  • Step 2: AWN System SOPs
  • Step 3: Messaging Templates
  • Step 4: Training and System Test Information
  • Step 5: Exercises

It will take approximately two hours to complete all five steps. The exact timeframe is dependent on your familiarity with your agency's alerts, warnings, and notifications (AWN) program.

Once started, your responses to the steps are stored in your browser for 14 days. This allows you to stop and return to completing the plan.

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Step 1: AWN System Information

The complex nature of Alerts, Warnings and Notifications programs can often make it difficult to clearly explain to Alert Originators the mechanisms available and how to access each system. Having a clear breakdown of the differences between the communication pathways and key contact information can be critical to sending effective and timely life-saving alerts during an incident or disaster. It is encouraged that this information be available during onboarding and refresher training for all employees using alerting platforms.

1.1 Basic Information

A. User Information

B. Agency Need

1.2 Document All Alerting Systems and Tactics

A. Which of the following alerting systems and tactics does your organization use: