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National Historic Preservation Act Programmatic Agreements

Programmatic Agreements are the preferred tool currently used by FEMA to integrate FEMA's Section 106 responsibilities into its mission and programs.

Signed on a state-by-state basis by FEMA and applicable to all of its grant programs, the State Emergency Management Agency, State/Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO/SHPO) and the Advisory Council, the Programmatic Agreement completely replaces the Section 106 process. It establishes a coordination and scoping process at the beginning of the disaster, excludes the review of routine activities from SHPO review, and shortens timeframes for review by the SHPO.

The Programmatic Agreement may be executed prior to a disaster and may address state-specific needs and resources.

Existing Programmatic Agreements

If you are a State Historic Preservation or Emergency Management Officer interested in negotiating a Programmatic Agreement, please contact the FEMA Regional Environmental Officer in your region.

  • Programmatic Agreement among FEMA, Louisiana SHPO, LOHSEP and ACHP (PDF 8MB, TXT  57KB)
  • Secondary Programmatic Agreement among FEMA, Louisiana SHPO, City of New Orleans, ACHP, and US Army Corps of Engineers (PDF 266KB, TXT 33KB)