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Oklahoma Severe Storms and Tornadoes


Incident Period: May 18, 2013 - Jun 2, 2013

Declaration Date: May 20, 2013

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Local Resources

Local News & Media

Visit the News & Media page for events, fact sheets, press releases and other multimedia resources.

  • Information on Rebuilding Safer and Stronger is available for disaster survivors.  Taking Hazard Mitigation actions now may reduce the loss of life and property in future disasters.  Visit our Mitigation page for access to publications and videos that outline FEMA guidelines for the construction of safe rooms.
  • Visit our Rumor Control page for a list of identified rumors and help us combat misinformation.

Preliminary Damage Assessment Report

PDA Report; FEMA-4117-DR

Funding Obligations

Individual Assistance Amount
Total Housing Assistance (HA) - Dollars Approved $10,425,524.88
Total Other Needs Assistance (ONA) - Dollars Approved $4,741,962.57
Total Individual & Households Program Dollars Approved $15,167,487.45
Individual Assistance Applications Approved 3666
Public Assistance Amount
Emergency Work (Categories A-B) - Dollars Obligated $29,468,798.85
Permanent Work (Categories C-G) - Dollars Obligated $24,022,771.15
Total Public Assistance Grants Dollars Obligated $55,021,367.41
Last updated March 20, 2020