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FEMA Announces 2022 Youth Preparedness Council

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Release Date:
6월 28, 2022

WASHINGTON -- FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell announced the 2022-2023 Youth Preparedness Council members today.

FEMA selected 15 new members to join 10 returning council members. Members were selected based on their dedication to public service, community involvement and potential to increase levels of community resilience throughout the country.

This year, FEMA celebrates the council’s 10th anniversary. FEMA created the council in 2012 to bring together diverse young leaders interested in strengthening disaster preparedness across the nation and within their communities.

“Today, we welcome and celebrate the new Youth Preparedness Council members, who represent the next generation of emergency managers,” said FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell. “This culturally diverse, creative and dedicated group of young leaders will build upon the significant contributions made by past council members over the last decade, helping to make their communities more resilient to disasters.”

Youth Preparedness Council Members

The New 2022 Council Members

Sophie Fares of California

Lauren Coval of Colorado

Taylor Worbington of Florida

Vaishnavi Kumbala of Louisiana

Navin Ramesh of Massachusetts

Theo Illarionov of Massachusetts

Janice Saji of Michigan

Aarushi Bute of Missouri

Meher Harjani of New Jersey

Amanda Cisse of New York

Kemi Heyward-Rotimi of North Carolina

Neha Srinivasan of Oregon

Ryan Liu of Texas

Layla Ibrahim of Virginia

Katie Clark of Washington

The Returning Council Members

Isaac Doll of Colorado

Aubrey Dockins of Florida

Miles Butler of Idaho

Beitris Boyreau-Millar of Maryland

Ranjana Ramesh of Massachusetts

Alexia Nastasia of Missouri

Mirika Jambudi of New Jersey

Megan Cameron of New York

Amira Seay of Texas

Shivani Jayaprakasam of Washington

The council demonstrates FEMA’s commitment to promote and sustain a prepared nation. The council provides an avenue to engage young people by considering their perspectives, feedback and opinions. Council members meet with FEMA staff throughout their term to provide input on strategies, initiatives and projects.

This year, each council member, all eighth through 12th graders, will participate in the Youth Preparedness Council summit held virtually in late July. During this annual event, members will participate in online preparedness activities, learn from senior leaders in national preparedness and engage with FEMA community preparedness staff who offer support and mentorship throughout their term.

To learn more about FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council, visit: