2024 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar Presentations

The National Dam Safety Review Board Work Group on Dam Safety Training welcomes all dam and levee safety professionals and those responsible for responding to dam and levee safety incidents to the annual National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar (NDSPTS).

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The 2024 National Dam Safety Program’s Technical Seminar theme was Dam Safety 101: Design, Analysis, Construction, and Risk Management.

Dam Safety 101 for the Future

Eric Halpin

Developing Design Data: Field Sampling to Lab Testing

Evan J Lindenbach

Data Management and Visualization During Dam Construction and Rehabilitation: Lessons Learned From USACE Projects

Jamey Rosen
Bhrugesh Patel

Updates to USACE Drilling Guidance ER 1110‐1‐1807

April L. Fontaine

Granular Filter Material Quality Testing: Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Robert Rinehart

Risk‐Informed Decision Making to Prioritize Rehabilitation of South Carolina's High Hazard Potential Dams

Thomas E. Evans
Stephen Whiteside

Spillway Design Considerations for Hydro‐Static and Hydro‐Dynamic Loads

Lan Nguyen

Criteria for Determining the Criticality of Structural Features in Dam Safety: A Case Study of Spillway Structures in High Seismicity Zones

Mohammad Matar

I’ve Got Your Dam Metrics

Jacob Davis
Becky Ragon

Inspection of Concrete Dams and Appurtenant Structures

Jaron Hasenbalg

A Day in the Life of a Virginia Dam Safety Official

Mark Killgore

Oklahoma’s Innovative Solutions to Funding Dam Safety Projects

Natalie Orbesen

Dam Safety 101

Sharon N. Roach

Use of Drones and Bathymetry to Assist with Decision Making by a State Dam Safety Program

Kelsy A. Grogan
John M. McCain

USACE Robotics and AI/ML for Critical Infrastructure Inspection

Anton Netchaev
Jordan Klein

Identifying and Evaluating Dam Removal Candidates

Katherine Schmidt

Updating Oregon’s Statewide Probable Maximum Precipitation using a Hybrid HMR-and-Numerical Modeling Method

Caileen Yu
Tony Janicek

Insights from Emergency Management Aspects of Dam Failures & Incidents

Mark E. Baker

Incidence Response to the 2023 High Snowpack and Snow Melt at Hyrum Dam

Ryan Luke

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