2023 National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar Presentations

The National Dam Safety Review Board Work Group on Dam Safety Training welcomes all dam and levee safety professionals and those responsible for responding to dam and levee safety incidents to the annual National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar (NDSPTS).

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The 2023 National Dam Safety Program’s Technical Seminar theme was Managing and Regulating Dams into the Future. 

Keynote Address: Dam Safety 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and the Failures that Got Us Here

Nathaniel Gee

Climate Risk and Resilience Portal (ClimRR)

Jordan Branham, Ph.D.
Molly Finster, Ph.D.

Dam Removal Partnerships between Dam Safety Agencies Conservation Organizations

Jim Howe
Beth Styler Barry

Risk-Informed Decision Process for the High Hazard Dam Rehabilitation Grant Program (HHPD)

Edward G. Beadenkopf, P.E., CFM

Using 3D Geologic Models to Establish Objective-Based Workflows for Dam Related Projects

Evan J. Lindenbach, PE, PG
Gergo D. Arany, MsC

A.V. Watkins Dam Backward Erosion Piping Incident Update

Dennis Hanneman

Implementing Intelligent Compaction Technology for Embankment Dam Construction

Bobby Rinehart

Assessment of Aging Dams for Seismic Potential Failure Modes: A Delta Approach

Dr. Khaled Chowdhury, PhD, P.E., G.E.

How to Communicate Flood Risk to Non-Technical Audiences

Charles Karpowicz, P.E.

Colorado River Drought

Dale Hamilton, P.E., M.S.

Sustainable Management of Dams with Greener Concrete

Joshua Gilman, P.E.

Public Assistance Funding for Dams

Victor Hare, PE

Estimating Dam Failure Life-Loss Consequences to Transient Populations for Hazard Potential Classification of Dams

Chad Krofta, P.E., CFM

Data-Informed Strategies for Portfolio Risk Assessment of 90,000 U.S. Dams

Upmanu Lall

A Three-Tiered Approach to Assess Erosion and Deposition on and Downstream from Unlined Spillways with Mixed Alluvial and Bedrock Cover

Arron Hurst
Melissa Foster

Emerging Reclamation Methods for Incorporating Climate Change into Dam Safety

Douglas Woolridge

Assessment of the Sensitivity of Climate Change on PFHA Inputs

Victoria Sankovich Bahls
Kyle Chudler
Jonathan McIntosh
Shaun Carney
Jonathan Quebbeman

Introduction to Hydrology Loadings, Climate Change and Extreme Precipitation

Bill Kappel

Seismic Loading and Performance Criteria for Design and Evaluation of Dams: A Comparison of International and U.S. Guidance

Dr. Khaled Chowdhury, PhD, P.E., G.E.

Recent Developments and Persistent Challenges in Seismic Hazard Assessment for Dams in the Central and Eastern United States

Christie Hale

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