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Transitional Sheltering Assistance

This page explains FEMA's Transitional Sheltering Assistance (TSA) , which provides short-term lodging assistance for evacuees who are not able to return home for an extended or indeterminate period of time following a disaster.

FEMA may provide TSA to eligible disaster survivors who have a continuing need for shelter after the congregate shelters have closed because they are unable to return to their homes for an extended period of time. This initiative is intended to provide short-term lodging for eligible disaster survivors whose communities are either uninhabitable or inaccessible due to disaster-related damages.

TSA is funded under Section 403 of the Stafford Act and is subject to a State cost-share. The State may request that FEMA authorize the use of TSA for the declared disaster in specific geographic areas.

Under TSA, disaster survivors may be eligible to stay in hotel or motel lodging for a limited period of time and have the cost of the room and taxes covered by FEMA. However, FEMA does not cover the cost of incidental room charges or amenities, such as telephone, room service, food, etc.

For those who are eligible, FEMA will authorize and fund, through direct payments to participating hotels/motels, the use of hotels/motels as transitional shelters.

The initial period of assistance will be 5-14 days from date of TSA implementation. FEMA, in conjunction with the State, may extend this period of assistance, if needed.
Individuals and households who are ineligible for TSA will be referred to local agencies or voluntary organizations for possible assistance.

Individuals and households may be eligible for TSA, if:

• They register with FEMA for assistance
• They pass identify verification
• Their pre-disaster primary residence is located in a geographic area that is designated for TSA and occupancy is verified
• As a result of the disaster, they are displaced from their pre-disaster residence and they are currently not living in their primary residence.
Eligible individuals have the ability to locate a participating hotel/motel online.

FEMA's mission is to support our citizens and first responders to ensure that as a nation we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards.
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