Please Allow 24 Hours Before Entry After Soil Stabilizer Treatments

Release Date:
October 18, 2023

To reduce dust and runoff of contaminants from the ash and debris on Lahaina properties affected by the Aug. 8 wildfires, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is treating ash and debris with a soil stabilizer. The soil stabilizer is non-toxic once dried, and residents are asked to wait 24 hours after application of the soil stabilizer before entering their property. 

  • A soil stabilizer is being used to protect residents’ health and the environment from risks posed by ash and debris that remain on properties impacted by the wildfires in Lahaina. Properties affected by the fire in Kula were also treated with the same soil stabilizer.
  • The application of a stabilization product such as Soiltac can help prevent exposure to ash and reduce breathing risks when sifting through ash and dust. It also helps prevent runoff of hazardous materials to the ocean or nearby streams. 
  • Residents can enter their property and sift through their materials after the soil stabilizer has been applied. EPA is asking residents to please allow 24 hours before entering their property. 
  • Once the product has been applied and dried, it is non-toxic, and essentially not visible. It reduces the amount of dust that can spread when the ash is disturbed.
  • After the stabilizer has been applied, a sign is posted on the property stating the date and time of the application. 
  • The manufacturer recommends a full 24-hour curing period. Even though in this climate the soil stabilizer is expected to harden in less time, the full 24-hour waiting period is recommended before entry to ensure proper curing and hardening of the product.
  • While soil stabilizer reduces the likelihood of airborne particles, it is still recommended that those entering the area before debris removal is complete should follow the advice of health officials and wear personal protective equipment such as a face mask.

For more information was the Soiltac Application on Maui video from EPA

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