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FEMA in Your Language

FEMA’s website has information and materials available in languages other than English.

Disaster survivors can find translated information about disaster assistance programs, emergency preparedness, response and recovery activities, and flood insurance. The information comes in various formats and is available for sharing and downloading. Additional resources will be added periodically, so please visit often.

Find Resources

For information in Spanish only, please visit FEMA en Español.

Please visit our Individual Assistance page for information on FEMA disaster assistance programs and eligibility criteria.

Learn how to get Help After a Disaster in different languages.

Additional information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in other languages is available on the FEMA COVID-19 Response page.

Information in other languages may also be available on other FEMA.gov web pages by specific topic or disaster.

American Sign Language Videos

We have videos in ASL on our YouTube playlist that cover a range of topics related to disaster preparedness and safety.

View the Entire Playlist on YouTube

Last updated July 23, 2020