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The Public Assistance Resource Library contains general program and disaster-specific guidance that focuses on restoring public infrastructure for communities affected by major disasters or emergencies.

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Archived: Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Management Costs Frequently Asked Questions

The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions address questions received from stakeholder engagements regarding the implementation of Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Management Costs (Interim) Policy #104-11-1 (Interim Policy). This guidance was effective from February 28, 2020 through March 22, 2023.

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Mitigate Disaster Damage with FEMA Public Assistance

If you qualify for repairs through FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) Program under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act Section 406, then you may also be eligible for additional funding to protect your facility through PA Mitigation (formerly referred to as 406 Mitigation).

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Public Assistance Wildfire Policy Guidance Memorandum

This memorandum is in response to recommendations from the National Emergency Managers Association (NEMA) and discussions held during the FEMA’s April 2022 Wildfire Summit.

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Public Assistance Simplified Procedures Policy Webinar - Frequently Asked Questions

Explains the updated Public Assistance (PA) Simplified Procedures policy. The policy simplifies implementation of the Public Assistance program to support rapid recovery for applicants.

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COVID-19 –Incident Period Closure, Public Assistance Emergency Work Deadline, and Resulting Program Guidance

On January 30, 2023, the President informed Congress that the national emergency and public health emergency declarations would conclude simultaneously on May 11, 2023.

In recognition of the progress made in responding to the pandemic, FEMA announced on February 10, 2023, the closure of the incident period for all COVID-19 emergency and major disaster declarations under the Stafford Act. This notification was made via the publication of a notice in the Federal Register pursuant to 44 C.F.R. 206.32(f) and closes the incident period effective May 11, 2023, coinciding with the end of the public health emergency for the COVID-19 pandemic. FEMA’s closure of the incident period for Public Assistance emergency work does not affect FEMA’s ongoing COVID-19 funeral assistance. FEMA will continue to provide this assistance until Sept. 30, 2025.

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PA Assessment Recommendations and Implementation Summary

The purpose of the assessment was to determine if the PA National Delivery Model and the establishment of the Consolidated Resource Centers were meeting the original design intent (2017) to standardize PA program delivery, and increase accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity, as well as improve timeliness and accessibility, for processing grants for States, Locals, Territories, and Tribal Nations. A contract to conduct the assessment was secured in early 2022. A PA Taskforce was established to support the assessment by ensuring data from 2018 to July 2022 was readily available to the contractor in addition to supporting the collection of extensive internal and external stakeholder feedback from April to July 2022 for analysis.

The foundation of recommended changes results from extensive stakeholder feedback including contacting all 50 states, five territories, and nine tribes, conducting 1,009 interviews, and surveying 1,272 respondents at all levels within the PA Program. The independent report will aid in the agency’s commitment to simplifying and streamlining program requirements, reducing the burden on stakeholders/applicants, and expanding access to Public Assistance grant funding.

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Public Assistance Simplified Procedures Policy

This policy streamlines application procedure for Small Project funding under the PA program to simplify implementation of the PA program and support rapid recovery for Applicants. The use of simplified procedures, such as submitting self-certified estimates and summary reports, may allow applicants to receive funding early and promotes rapid recovery of the affected community. This policy defines FEMA’s simplified procedures and requirements for Small Projects funded under the PA program.

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COVID-19 Legal Responsibility for Eligible Work

The purpose of this memorandum is to address FEMA’s allowance of retroactive agreements under the Public Assistance (PA) Program when necessary to carry out eligible Emergency Protective Measures (EPMs), specifically for COVID-19 nationwide emergency and major disaster declarations. This memorandum applies to all major disaster and emergency declarations for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Public Assistance: Private Nonprofit Eligibility Factsheet

This fact sheet provides guidance for determining the eligibility of PNP applicants, including Houses of Worship (HOWs), and work performed in accordance with emergency and major disaster declarations.

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COVID-19 Patient Care Revenue Duplication of Benefits

This guidance is intended to assist Recipients and Subrecipients who are also billing for medical services which are paid partially or fully by FEMA Assistance with identifying duplications and taking a project reduction. If you have questions on the document or the process, please email them to