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Membership Applications

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a member of FEMA’s National Advisory Council (NAC). Download membership application information and instructions here

Open Positions

Legislation outlines specific areas of membership on the NAC, such as emergency management, emergency response providers, and public health. Section 12 of the NAC Charter also contains a complete list of disciplines on the NAC.

FEMA is accepting applications for 13 open positions in the following discipline areas:

  • Disabilities, Access and Functional Needs: Must be in a position to represent one or more of these groups: individuals with disabilities, older adults, and individuals with limited English proficiency, access to transportation, and/or access to financial resources to prepare for, respond to, and recover from an emergency. One representative.
  • Emergency Management: Must be an executive emergency manager. One representative.
  • Emergency Response Provider: Representing the viewpoint and interests of emergency response providers, including fire service, law enforcement, hazardous materials response, and emergency medical services, or organizations representing such individuals. One representative.
  • Elected Tribal Government Officials: Representing the viewpoint and interests of elected tribal government officials. One representative.
  • Health Scientist: Drawn from the discipline of health scientists. One Special Government Employee (SGE).
  • Infrastructure Protection: Drawn from the discipline of infrastructure protection. One SGE.
  • Non-Elected Tribal Government Official: Representing the viewpoint and interests of non-elected tribal government officials, with expertise in preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation. One representative.
  • Standards Setting and Accrediting: Must be in a position to represent a standards setting or accrediting organization. May be a federal employee (not DHS or FEMA). Two representatives or Regular Government Employees.
  • Administrator’s Selections: Otther individuals the Administrator determines to be appropriate. Up to four SGEs.

If other positions open during the application and selection period, FEMA may select qualified candidates from the pool of applications.

For more information on the distinction between SGEs and representatives advisory committee members, see the U.S. Office of Government Ethics webpage on Advisory Committee Members.

Selection Criteria

FEMA will review the information contained in application packages and make selections based on:

  1. Leadership Attributes
  2. Emergency Management Experience
  3. Expert Knowledge in Discipline Area
  4. Ability to Meet NAC Member Expectations

NAC Composition

The NAC must include a geographically diverse mix of officials, emergency managers, and emergency response providers from state, local, tribal and territorial governments, the private sector, and nongovernmental organizations. Therefore, FEMA will also consider overall NAC composition when selecting members.

Important Information
DHS and FEMA staff, including FEMA Reservists, are not eligible for NAC membership. Federally registered lobbyists may apply for positions designated as representative appointments, but are not eligible to be SGEs. SGEs must complete a Confidential Financial Disclosure Form (Office of Government Ethics (OGE) Form 450) each year.  You can find this form at the Office of Government Ethics website.  Do not submit this form with your application.

How to Apply

Application Package

If you are interested, qualified, and want FEMA to consider appointing you to an open position on the NAC, please submit an application package that contains these documents:

  1. Cover Letter, addressed to the Office of the National Advisory Council that includes or indicates:
  • Personal and Professional Contact Information:
    • Current position title
    • Employer or organization you represent
    • Home address
    • Work address
    • Current telephone number
    • Email address
  • Position(s) for which you are qualified. See “Open Positions.” (You may be qualified and considered to fill more than one position.)
  • Why you are interested in serving on the NAC
  • How you heard about the solicitation for NAC members
  1. Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  2. A summary of the most important accomplishments that qualify you to serve on the NAC, in the form of three-to-five bullets in less than 75 words total; and
  3. One Letter of Recommendation addressed to the Office of the NAC. Letters must be signed (actual signature or electronic).

Your application package must be eight pages or less. Information contained in your application package should clearly indicate your qualifications to serve on the NAC and fill one of the current open positions.

Submitting Your Application
Check that your materials include the requested information and follow these steps:

  1. Save documents in one file and use the naming convention: Last Name_First Name_NAC Application.
  2. Email your application to

You may also submit your application by mail to:

Office of the National Advisory Council
Federal Emergency Management Agency
500 C St., SW
Washington, DC 20472-3184

Use only one method to submit your application.

You must submit the cover letter, resume or CV, and summary together. The letter of recommendation may arrive separately. FEMA will only consider applications that contain all the required information and documents.


FEMA will accept membership applications until March 13, 2020. FEMA will not consider applications, including letters of recommendation, received after this date.

What Happens Next

Once you apply, the Office of the National Advisory Council will send you an email that confirms receipt of your application.

FEMA will then conduct multiple rounds of review to identify a slate of highly qualified candidates from which the Administrator selects potential new members. The Department of Homeland Security and the White House then vet these potential members.

FEMA will provide periodic updates throughout the process and will ultimately notify all applicants of their selection status.

Contact Information


Mailing Address:

Office of the National Advisory Council
Federal Emergency Management Agency
500 C Street SW
Washington, DC 20472-3184 

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