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Guidance for FEMA's Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning

Guidance documents provide vetted recommended approaches for FEMA's Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) Program. These guidance documents support current FEMA standards and facilitate effective, efficient implementation of the program. All guidance documents were written to support FEMA standards and align with current regulations, but are not mandatory. Alternate approaches that comply with standards and support program objectives are acceptable.

Guidance: Levee (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Dams/Reservoirs and Non-Dam Features (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Riverine Mapping and Floodplain Boundaries (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Graphics (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Discovery (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Stakeholder Engagement Project Planning and Discovery Process (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Stakeholder Engagement Preliminary Production Process (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Redelineation (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Coastal Floodplain Mapping (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Stakeholder Engagement Introduction and Key Terms (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Mapping Information Platform (MIP) (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Database (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Base Map and FIRM Panel Layout (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Floodway Analysis and Mapping (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Stakeholder Engagement Post-Preliminary Due Process (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Project Planning (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Coastal General Study Considerations (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Floodplain Boundary Standards (FBS) (Nov 2019)

Guidance: Incorporating Mitigation Planning Technical Assistance into Risk MAP Projects (Feb 2018)

Guidance: Coastal Structures (Nov 2019)

Last updated July 13, 2020