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IMMERSED: A VR Experience About Flood & Resilience

The best way to prepare

For a disaster

Learn from experience.



Flooding is our nation’s most common and costly natural disaster, which is why it’s critical for community leaders to be equipped with the information, tools and skills needed to take mitigation action. Doing so can provide a positive return on investment in terms of lives, property and money saved. In fact, every $1.00 spent on mitigation saves a community an average of $6.00, according to the Multihazard Mitigation Council.

To help educate community leaders about the value of preparing for the worst, FEMA has created a virtual reality experience called IMMERSED. This tool puts users at the center of a flood crisis, allowing them to assess damage in a community and see the benefits of mitigation first-hand.

Through simple tasks, users experience a major flood event in a real, personal way. From the perspective of a community leader in a flood-affected town, they:

  • Explore the damage in a flooded neighborhood
  • Witness the challenges of an evacuation
  • Lead a stranded teacher to safety at a flooded school
  • Experience mitigation decisions being made
  • Discover which preparations can lead to positive results

After users experience IMMERSED, they are encouraged to explore additional information about mitigation action, including

  • Descriptions of and specifications for the different types of action
  • Details on grants and other programs that are available to support communities in taking action
  • Information about a variety of related topics, including the National Flood Insurance Program, hazard mitigation planning and community engagement.

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05/08/2020 - 10:04