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Yo pa tradui paj sa a nan lang Kreyòl ayisyen. Ale sou Kreyòl ayisyen paj la pou jwenn resous nan lang sa a.

Texas Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding


Peryòd Ensidan: May 4, 2015 - Jun 22, 2015

Dat Deklarasyon: May 29, 2015

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Vizite paj Nouvèl & Laprès pou jwenn aktyalite, fich ransèyman, nòt laprès, ak lòt resous miltimedya.

  • Visit our Rumor Control page for a list of identified rumors and help us combat misinformation.
  • If your home or business was damaged or destroyed by flood, you face major decisions about your property. Visit our Mitigation page for information and resources for residents and communities in Texas.

Preliminary Damage Assessment Report

PDA Report; FEMA-4223-DR

Obligasyon Finansman

Asistans Endividyèl Montan
Total Asistans Lojman (Housing Assistance - HA) - Dola ki Apwouve $45,227,799.26
Total Asistans Lòt Bezwen (Other Needs Assistance - ONA) - Dola ki Apwouve $12,407,948.12
Total Pogram Endividyèl & Kay Dola ki Apwouve $57,635,747.38
Aplikasyon Asistans Endividyèl ki Apwouve 12963
Asistans Piblik Montan
Emergency Work (Categories A-B) - Dollars Obligated $35,799,029.36
Total Asistans Piblik Sibvansyon Dola Akòde $167,517,052.38