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IPAWS Registration and Login

Register to be an IPAWS Alerting Authority. Only available to federal, state, local, tribal or territorial governmental organizations.

An Alerting Authority that applies for authorization to use the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) to send emergency alerts and warnings to the public, is designated as a Collaborative Operating Group or “COG.” There are currently numerous types of COGs affiliated with IPAWS varying in size, structure and governance styles.

You may also register to be an IPAWS Developer, to become an alert origination software vendor and/or an alert redistributor.

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Form Instructions

Types of Registration

  • COG: Collaborative Operating Group (IPAWS Alerting Authority) - a federal, state, local, tribal or territorial governmental organization. An Alerting Authority has permission to send emergency alerts and warnings to the public.
  • Developer: Vendor of alert origination software, or redistributor of IPAWS alerts.


  1. For Alerting Authority, enter the two-letter state abbreviation and agency or organization name. (Example: MD Howard County Office of Emergency Management.)If applying to be a Developer, use your company or organization name.
  2. Address and Phone Number should be for the Organization/Agency.
  3. Click 'Save & Next' to get to the next screen.
  4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and email address.
    • For Point of Contact:
      • Primary – You will be the main Point of Contact (POC) for the COG or Developer account.
      • Alternate – the backup POC to the Primary
      • Signatory – This is the person that will sign your Memorandum of Agreement (MOA). The signatory can be the same as the primary POC; in that case choose primary.
      • Technical – You are the POC responsible for IT, digital certificates and IPAWS record updates.

IPAWS Registration Form

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This form does not register you to receive alerts.

*Filling out the form does not guarantee approval to become an IPAWS Alerting Authority.