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State and Local WEA Tests

Alerting authorities may use the state/local WEA test message without coordination with the FCC or FEMA. State/local WEA tests must include plain language sufficient to make clear to the public that the message is only a test

Consumer phones are delivered with the state/local tests disabled. Consumers can opt to receive state/local WEA tests on their mobile devices by going to device settings. Check with the mobile phone manufacturer or wireless provider as some phones require instructions to access hidden menus or functions. 

To observe the results of sending a state/local test WEA in your community, you will need a group of participants and configure their phones to receive state/local WEA tests. 

You should engage in extensive outreach to your community to socialize the benefits of public participation in state/local WEA tests and to raise public awareness about the benefits of receiving WEA test messages. 

This outreach may include coordinating with local leadership, wireless providers that offer service within your area, public information officers, and other emergency authorities that operate within and adjacent to the testing area. First responder organizations, such as police and fire/rescue departments and 911 call centers, should be aware of your test to ensure that they can confirm to the public that the WEA message is, in fact, only a test