FEMA Awards $7.9 Million in Grants for Anchorage School District

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April 28, 2021

BOTHELL, Wash. –The Federal Emergency Management Agency awarded three Public Assistance grants totaling $7,903,431 to Alaska’s Anchorage School District. These funds cover restoration of Dimond High School and Gruening Middle School following damages due to the 2018 Alaska Earthquake as well as reimbursements for emergency protective measures taken across the Anchorage School District.

The earthquake caused extensive damage to Dimond High School and Gruening Middle School. Both schools were temporarily closed until emergency repairs could be made. Dimond High School sustained damage to the main building’s thermal seal glass windows, ceiling system support/grids, heating pipes, cracks in veneer, cracks in the sheet rock, drywall, flooring, and the cold-formed steel diagonal bracing. The school also sustained damage to the gymnasium, playground, and track field. Gruening Middle School sustained damage to its interior and exterior building, a maintenance access road, and to equipment. Two Public Assistance grants totaling $4.3 million are intended to restore Gruening Middle School ($2,240,995) and Dimond High ($2,029,053) back to their pre-disaster design, capacity, and function.

Reimbursements for emergency protective measures account for the remaining $3.6 million of this $7.9 million award. Examples of emergency protective measures taken across the Anchorage School District include implementing barriers, fencing, and signage for damaged facilities; shoring and bracing structurally-compromised buildings; installing temporary slope stabilization for two school buildings; and renting equipment and substitute facilities that allowed education to continue while the school buildings were temporarily closed.

FEMA provides this $7.9 million in federal funding through the Public Assistance program, which reimburses communities for actions taken for response and recovery from a disaster. Public Assistance funding can cover emergency assistance to save lives, protect property, and restore community infrastructure affected by a major disasters or emergencies.   

Public Assistance funds are awarded directly to Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management Alaska to make makes disbursements to state agencies, local, and tribal jurisdictions that incurred costs. This funding is provided at 75 percent federal share.  To learn more about the Public Assistance program, visit  fema.gov/assistance/public


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Last updated April 28, 2021