Base Level Engineering Resources

Base Level Engineering (BLE) is an automated riverine hydrologic and hydraulic modeling approach that builds on lessons learned to produce a base line understanding of a community’s flood risk.

The resources listed below will help communities, homeowners, emergency managers and local leaders better understand how BLE builds risk awareness. Understanding flood risk makes families, schools, homes and businesses safer.


BLE helps local communities identify new flood-prone areas. This guide shares examples of uses for BLE and how to use the information to inform community planning and safety.

BLE can support emergency management and planning, including understanding the viability of emergency routes, to inform community engagement pre-planning and social vulnerability analysis. The guide reviews benefits Emergency Managers can see from BLE.

BLE can support property and structure owners and their understanding of how their property may sit within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). This guide may help homeowners and local partners better understand the process to remove a property from the SFHA.

A resource to support hazard mitigation planners and how they can use BLE when creating or updating hazard mitigation plans.

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More questions? Review frequently asked questions about BLE and its benefit to a community.

Region-Specific Materials

Some FEMA regions have expanded the library of BLE resources available in their states. Click the links below to see if regionally specific materials are available for your community.

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