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Recovery At A Glance– Marion County Jan. 12, 2021

Release Date:
January 13, 2021

(As of Jan. 11, 2020, unless otherwise noted)

Housing Assistance:

  • Nearly $1.2 million in grants approved for housing repairs or replacement for 218 homeowners.
  • $584,374 in grants have been approved for personal property, transportation and other disaster-related serious needs for 276 applicants.
  • 689 home inspections have been issued with 99 percent completed.

Direct Temporary Housing

  • Marion is one of four Oregon counties approved to participate in FEMA’s Direct Temporary Housing Program.
  • In Marion/Linn counties, construction for FEMA temporary housing began Dec. 30.
  •  Once completed, the new site in Mill City is expected to hold up to 16 temporary housing units.
  •  Temporary housing is provided one of two ways: recreational vehicles (RVs) and Manufactured Housing Units (mobile homes).
  • Survivor housing units are chosen by FEMA based on the survivor family composition and needs, as well as to ensure that requirements for access or functional needs are met.
  • Ongoing participation in the program, which can last until March 2022, depends on each survivor’s efforts to find a permanent housing solution and following the rules established by the park and FEMA.
Last updated January 13, 2021