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Provide Transportation Services

Key Program Dates

Become a FEMA-Approved Provider

After FEMA Approval

Important Notes

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The FEMA Tender of Service Program allows FEMA to schedule and book transportation with pre-approved private sector Transportation Service Providers (TSPs). FEMA invites TSPs serving any mode of transportation (air, maritime, rail, or trucking) to register with the Program to become a FEMA-Approved TSP. Please carefully review this site for information regarding requirements for Program participation and registration instructions. You may contact the FEMA Tender of Service Program directly if you have questions or need additional information.

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Beware of Possible Scams

If you've been contacted by someone claiming they can register your company with the FEMA Tender of Service Program or increase your chances of being awarded a contract in exchange for a fee, this is not true.

You should never give money to any individual making such claims. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

Key Program Dates

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2022 Onboarding Period: Nov. 16, 2021 through Feb. 2, 2022 5 PM EST

How to Become a FEMA-Approved Transportation Service Provider

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Registration for the 2021 Program Year is now CLOSED. We appreciate your interest in our Program and encourage you to monitor for future updates.

For questions or additional information about the FEMA Tender of Service Program, please contact us.

After FEMA Approval

Transportation Service Providers that have been approved for participation in FEMA Tender of Service Program will need to complete the following steps:

1. Complete Logistics Gateway Training

A link to Logistics Gateway training will be provided following FEMA’s verification of the TSPs enrollment in Syncada. To complete this step, Transportation Service Providers must:

  • Complete Logistics Gateway Training
  • Pass a quiz on the training material with a score of 80% or higher, and send a copy of the Certificate of Completion.
  • Once these two items are complete, FEMA will notify you when you have been granted access to the Web Tenders application

2. Submit Linehaul & Accessorial Rates – Currently CLOSED

Approved TSPs have the option to submit linehaul & accessorial rates for Full Truck Load and LTL services via FEMA’s Transportation Procurement System during the open rate filing cycle each year. Information regarding the dates of the next open rate filing cycle will be posted as it becomes available.

Please note: TSPs that do not submit rates during the open rate cycle will only be eligible to participate in One Time Only (OTO) Bid opportunities.

Important Notes

  • FEMA does not have a load board and does not use automated tendering. FEMA will contact you directly if you are being offered a load.
  • Registration with the Program does not guarantee that you will be offered transportation business with FEMA.
  • FEMA’s transportation needs are highly dependent on disaster response requirements. The FEMA Tender of Service Program fulfills transportation needs for incidents that are impactful enough to require a National-level response. There may be times when FEMA has very few transportation requirements as well as times when FEMA has an urgent need for a great deal of transportation support.
  • FEMA may contact your business at any time, 24/7, for transportation assistance. It is important to provide us with a single point of contact (email and phone #) that is monitored 24 hours per day.
  • All air, maritime, and rail moves are spot bid. Transportation Service Providers are not required to submit rates for these modes.
  • FEMA requires Truck Transportation Service Providers to submit rates annually during the open bid cycle. FEMA does not award specific lanes to specific carriers; all submitted rates are loaded into our system.
  • All FEMA-Approved Transportation Service Providers are eligible for spot bid opportunities, but not all will be contacted for every spot bid. Instead, FEMA reaches out to approved Transportation Service Providers on a rotating basis.

Forms & Documents

2021 Program Year

Historical Documents

Last updated July 1, 2021