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Below you will find important information regarding the onboarding process, FEMA Tender of Service (STOS) program, and Logistics Supply Chain Management System (LSCMS-C).

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  • Receiving an LSCMS-C account is only the beginning of the onboarding process.  A Transportation Service Provider (TSP) is not approved until their uploaded documents have been reviewed and approved by a member of the STOS team, and a confirmation email has been sent to the Transportation Service Provider notifying them they are officially “FEMA Approved.”
  • FEMA only onboards carriers within the identified onboarding period, no exceptions. The strict onboarding period enables FEMA to focus on disaster response operations during high risk periods.
  • A Transportation Service Provider may only onboard under one (1) identified SCAC code. You may not register multiple entities to increase probability of receiving FEMA moves.
  • The required documents are only accepted through LSCMS document upload. The LSCMS user request form is the only document we accept by email.
  • The amount of time required for a TSP to fully complete STOS onboarding can vary depending on multiple factors including, whether or not your LSCMS-C User Request Form is completed correctly, the required documents meet the expectations outlined in the STOS, if you are onboarding during an active disaster when our team has disaster response duties to fulfill, etc. Ensuring your documents are accurate and meet the requirements is the best way to speed up your onboarding process.

The STOS Program

  • Registration with the Program does not guarantee that you will be offered transportation business with FEMA.
  • FEMA’s transportation needs are highly dependent on disaster response requirements. The FEMA Tender of Service Program fulfills transportation needs for incidents that are impactful enough to require a National-level response. There may be times when FEMA has very few transportation requirements as well as times when FEMA has an urgent need for a great deal of transportation support.
  • FEMA may contact your business at any time, 24/7, for transportation assistance. It is important to provide us with a single point of contact (email and phone #) that is monitored 24 hours per day.
  • FEMA requires Truck Transportation Service Providers to submit rates annually during the open bid cycle. FEMA does not award specific lanes to specific carriers; all submitted rates are loaded into our system.
  • All air, maritime, and rail moves are spot bid. Transportation Service Providers are not required to submit rates for these modes.
  • All FEMA-Approved Transportation Service Providers are eligible for spot bid opportunities, but not all will be contacted for every spot bid. Instead, FEMA reaches out to approved Transportation Service Providers on a rotating basis.

Last updated August 25, 2021