A New Look for FEMA.gov

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The FEMA.gov homepage is ringing in 2024 with a new look. 

We’re excited to share a new look for the homepage of FEMA.gov that highlights important work being done across the nation by communities every day to become more resilient and to help those affected by disasters.

Our redesigned homepage will let us get information out in a more engaging format that helps you know your risk, be more prepared for a disaster, and jumpstart your recovery after disaster strikes. 

  • At the top, you can find the most timely and important news and stories in eye-catching banners.
  • The new How Can FEMA Help? section makes it easier for you to access the most popular topics and services direct from the homepage.
  • A new Featured News section also brings you the latest announcements and stories from across the agency that help show the full scope of our work and the impact we are making in communities.
  • In the Priorities section, you can quickly learn about our strategic plan focus areas. 

Although the entrance to FEMA.gov looks a little different, the mission and purpose of FEMA and FEMA.gov remains the same: to assist survivors and communities before, during, and after disasters.

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