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FEMA’s employees are committed to serving our country before, during and after disasters. Every day more than 20,000 emergency managers work to make our nation safer, stronger and more prepared.
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The core values that guide our agency can be found in our capstone doctrine, “We Are FEMA.” Every day, across the nation, FEMA employees are inspired by that mission and are working tirelessly to make a difference.

We encourage you to learn more about the staff and their mission-driven work and the who, what and why behind our mission.

Video Spotlight

Watch more stories in our We Are FEMA playlist on YouTube.

#IAMFEMA Stories

The men and women of FEMA are our most valuable assets. This diverse team represents every U.S. state, local, tribal and territorial area and our effectiveness is enhanced because we understand the communities we serve. We strive to ensure that our values of compassion, fairness, integrity and respect are reflected through our actions in every step in the process.

Explore these stories to get to know the people of FEMA and the many ways they are helping to create a more prepared and resilient nation. To join our team, go to USAjobs.gov to see the latest job openings.

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“FEMA allows me the opportunity to continue working to help others in need."

– Arlena, Region 2

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"My FEMA training and my ability to remain calm in uncertain situations undoubtedly played a significant role in me saving an elderly woman's life."

– Tom, Region 9

A woman smiling with trees, some cars and a damaged house behind her

“As I support the Deaf employee, I
get to see the amazing work that unfolds, the collaboration that
happens and the survivors who are able to benefit. Our Deaf
employees are dedicated to providing assistance to these
survivors, and I am so fortunate to be part of it,”

– Yasmine, Reservists

Dec. 3 marks the annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day aims to promote the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all aspects of society and increase awareness in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

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Andrea Cardona shares her experience serving as a FEMA Corps member.

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This Veterans Day, FEMA is taking the time to honor our veterans. These brave men and women risked everything to strengthen our nation. We are honored that many veterans continue to serve by playing vital roles in the work that we do at FEMA. One way we honor them is by sharing the stories of our courageous men and women in uniform to ensure they are not forgotten.

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June was Immigrant Heritage Month. In the last month, we showcased some of the diversity that is reflected through our workforce. The diverse FEMA workforce is made of people from all different backgrounds, reflecting the wide range of cultures that can be found throughout the country.

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The diverse FEMA workforce is made of people from all different backgrounds, reflecting the wide range of cultures that can be found throughout the country. Join us this month as we spotlight employees who share their stories about what coming to the United States means to them.

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June is Immigrant Heritage Month and an excellent time to showcase the diversity that is reflected through our workforce. This week we are featuring Gabriel Adler, who is serving as Legislative Branch Chief in the Office of External Affairs at FEMA Headquarters.

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International Women's Day is a globally recognized day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. This year, FEMA is marking the occasion by highlighting member

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Norma Su’a Owens remembers constantly preparing for hurricanes as a child. After Hurricane Iwa in 1982, resources were especially limited. Her early experiences living on the islands of Hawaii made it clear how important it is for people to have what they need before, during and after disasters. Today, as a Customer Relationship Manager for FEMA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, Norma supports agency employees with their information technology needs

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Leviticus “L.A.” Lewis is a self-professed space geek. Growing up, L.A.

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In 2013, Colorado was facing the largest floods it had seen in over 30 years. That year, FEMA hired Mark Petitt to support the disaster declaration.  Mark is now a Disaster Recovery Specialist, Public Assistance Tribal Specialist for FEMA Region 8.

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Last updated December 21, 2020