FEMA Employees Share Why They Love Serving the Public

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FEMA employees are proud to serve the nation by helping people before, during and after disasters. This Public Service Recognition Week, we are taking time to honor FEMA employees who embody our mission and have committed themselves to serving the public.

Here are a few of the stories that inspired us:  

The FEMA Bunch: Mom Leads Family to New Career Paths Helping Disaster Survivors

Three woman smile for camera

Left to Right: Disaster Survivor Assistant Laprisha Brown, Disaster Survivor Assistant Monica Curtis and Disaster Survivor Assistant Lauren Graham.


Six years ago, Monica Curtis began working at FEMA. Since then, all three of her children have followed in her footsteps. As disaster survivor assistants, this family works to provide information and support to survivors so they can better understand the relief available to them.

“I’m so proud of my family!” Curtis said. “We are on one mission to help survivors. When people are suffering and at their lowest points, they need compassionate, respectful individuals that will do what they are trained to do. They need my family.”


I Am FEMA: Meet Aaron Kubey

Aaron Kubey stands in front of a glass door at FEMA head quarters, wearing a blue polo shirt.

Around FEMA headquarters, this friendly face is a welcome sight. Quick to a smile and eager to educate those around him, Aaron Kubey is a positive force for inclusivity and effective communication.

“The Deaf/Hard of Hearing community is more often than not a community that has been an afterthought or neglected when it comes to disaster response,” said Kubey. “Being able to try and do my part to provide communication access to them is extremely important to me.”


We Are FEMA: Meet Kristin Duquette

Kristin Duquette

At FEMA, Kristin serves as a preparedness officer for the Transportation Security Grant Program. The work she does helps to protect public transportation agencies, critical transportation infrastructure and the traveling public from acts of terrorism.

Kristin says, “My passion for working at FEMA derives from my interest in securing our nation, particularly vulnerable groups, against foreign and homegrown terrorism, and the fluid environment of homeland security.”


FEMA Celebrates 43 Years by Honoring Employees Who Helped Shape the Agency

Administrator Criswell and Jason Nelson

A few employees have been with the agency for 30 years or more. They have played significant roles in shaping the way the agency operates today. One of these long-serving employees is Jason Nelson who works as the Chief of the Disaster Response & Recovery Branch in the Congressional Affairs Division of the Office of External Affairs. He has been with FEMA since 1991.

“My father once told me, once you find a job that you like or love you’ll never work again,” Nelson said. “I feel that way at FEMA. I enjoy what I do. I truly appreciate all of the FEMA colleagues that I’ve worked with over these 31- years. I wouldn’t trade this experience, and I look forward to many more years at FEMA.”


44 Reasons to Celebrate FEMA’s Anniversary

Ashley Battle

In April the agency celebrated 44 years of service. Employees shared more about what drives them to serve.

"Being able to speak with disaster survivors to identify their needs and show human compassion lifts my spirit,” said Supervisory Program Analyst Ashley Battle. “I feel empowered to share preparedness information to help individuals and families be READY!"

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