It Makes Dollars and Sense to Reinforce Your Property Against Damage

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November 11, 2022

San Juan, Puerto Rico — As Puerto Rico continues to recover from Hurricane Fiona and the end of the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is approaching it may be a good time to invest in protecting your home against damage from future weather events. FEMA has the tools to help the residents of Puerto Rico create a stronger, more resilient future.

Protect Your Home and Your Family: Tips You Can Use Now

  • Invest in Flood Insurance - Purchasing flood insurance will not only give you peace of mind but it will also help speed up your recovery. To learn more about flood insurance, contact your insurance company, or call 1-877-336-2627 or visit The National Flood Insurance Program.

  • Know Your Risk - Ask your local emergency management office about the history of hurricanes in your area and how to protect your family and home. For additional information, visit: FEMA Map Service Center

  • Install Hurricane Straps - One of the steps you can take to help reinforce your home against hurricane winds if you have zinc roof, is to install hurricane straps. Straps made of galvanized steel help keep your zinc roof fastened to the walls.

  • Elevate Mechanical Equipment - Elevating mechanical equipment above potential flood levels is a step in the right direction. Examples include electrical, air conditioning and other ventilation equipment in addition to electrical appliances.

  • Build Homes to Current Code - Work with a registered engineer or architect to evaluate your needs as professional support can help you identify opportunities to strengthen your home.

FEMA, through the Individuals and Households Program (IHP) may be able to provide a funding resource to homeowners who take certain steps to fortify their homes against future damage.

Homeowners who are eligible for FEMA’s IHP assistance may receive additional funds from FEMA for specific mitigation measures. Applicants will be informed if they qualify for assistance of this type. Assistance that involves mitigation measures will only be provided for building components that existed and were functional prior to the disaster and that were damaged as a result of Hurricane Fiona.

Specific mitigation measures include:

  • Roof repair to withstand higher winds and help prevent water infiltration.

  • Elevating a water heater or furnace to avoid future flood damage.

  • Elevating or moving an electrical panel to avoid future flood damage.

Other mitigation measures may include:

  • Retrofitting a house to comply with local building codes

  • Reinforcing doors and windows with storm shutters.

Applicants will be informed if they qualify for assistance that includes mitigation measures of this type.

Learn more about how to avoid hurricane damage, view the checklist now.

Last updated November 11, 2022