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National Qualification System

National Incident Management System Resource Management Supplemental Guidance and Tools

FEMA is leading a whole community effort to strengthen the Resource Management component of the National Incident Management system (NIMS), which provides a nationwide approach to enable stakeholders to work together to manage all threats and hazards, regardless of the incident’s cause or size.  FEMA has developed the National Qualification System (NQS), which provides a foundational guideline on the typing of personnel resources within the NIMS framework, plus supporting tools.  FEMA also has crafted the NIMS Job Titles/Position Qualifications and accompanying Position Task Books (PTB), and the NIMS Guideline for Mutual Aid.

The NIMS Resource Management Supplemental Guidance and Tools published here include:

  • The NIMS Guideline for the National Qualification System (NQS), which describes the components of a qualification and certification system, defines a process for certifying the qualifications of incident personnel, describes how to stand up and implement a peer review process, and provides an introduction to the process of credentialing personnel.
  • A set of NQS Job Titles/Position Qualifications, which define minimum qualifications criteria for personnel serving in defined incident management and support positions. These documents can also be found on the Resource Typing Library Tool: (
  • A set of NQS Position Task Books (PTBs), which identify the competencies, behaviors, and tasks that personnel should demonstrate to become qualified for a defined incident management and support position.
  • The NIMS Guideline for Mutual Aid, which provides an overview of common mutual aid practices; defines common terminology and processes; and describes an approach for creating legal agreements and operational plans.



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