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Emergency Operations Center Guidance and Tools

This collection contains guidance and tools for Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel and leadership.

Emergency Operations Center Toolkits

The Senior Leaders Toolkit contains guidance and tools for EOC leadership and personnel. FEMA is working to build more tools for this, so please check back often for more information.

Emergency Operations Center Skillsets

Emergency Operations Center Skillset documents present a modified Position Task Book approach to qualify EOC personnel while remaining flexible to accommodate diverse EOC organizational structures.

Browse or search for skillsets below.

NQS EOC Skillset User Guide

NQS EOC PTB Introduction Language

NQS EOC Skillset: Action Tracking

NQS EOC Skillset: Coordination and Individual Contribution

NQS EOC Skillset: Center Management

NQS EOC Skillset: Document and Records Management

NQS EOC Skillset: Facility Management

NQS EOC Skillset: Finance

NQS EOC Skillset: Legal Counseling

NQS EOC Skillset: Organizational Representation

NQS EOC Skillset: Leadership

NQS EOC Skillset: Performance Improvement

NQS EOC Skillset: Planning

NQS EOC Skillset: Policy and Direction

NQS EOC Skillset: Recovery Coordination

NQS EOC Skillset: Resource Ordering and Acquiring

NQS EOC Skillset: Public Affairs Coordination

NQS EOC Skillset: Resource Sourcing

NQS EOC Skillset: Resource Tracking

NQS EOC Skillset: Understanding the Resource Requirement

Last updated December 14, 2020