National Qualification System Supplemental Documents

Supporting documents on this page include:

  • The NIMS Guideline for the National Qualification System (NQS), which describes the components of a qualification and certification system, defines a process for certifying the qualifications of incident personnel, describes how to stand up and implement a peer review process, and provides an introduction to the process of credentialing personnel.
  • Two NIMS NQS Supplemental Guides that provide processes, procedures, and tools to assist authorities having jurisdiction develop and maintain their qualification, certification, and credentialing programs.
  • The NIMS Guideline for Mutual Aid, which provides an overview of common mutual aid practices; defines common terminology and processes; and describes an approach for creating legal agreements and operational plans.

National Qualification System Implementation Objectives FAQ

The NQS Implementation Objectives FAQ reflects the concepts and principles contained in the NQS doctrine and aim to promote consistency in NQS implementation nationwide. The FAQ is intended for use during planning, preparedness, and training efforts to help organizations and jurisdictions implement NQS.

National Qualification System Implementation Objectives

The NQS Implementation Objectives provide specific benchmarks and example activities for organizations and jurisdictions to use when implementing NQS and when discussing NQS implementation with their partners and sub-jurisdictions.

NIMS Guideline for NQS

This Guideline is for use by any authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), including all levels of government and organizations, private sector entities, and nongovernmental organizations (NGO) with incident management or support responsibilities. It describes the basic principles of standard qualification, certification, and credentialing processes and introduces primary tools to help AHJs establish their own processes.

NIMS NQS Supplemental Guide for Qualification Review Boards

This guide describes the principles of a QRB and provides recommendations and practices to help an AHJ establish or enhance a QRB. The guide is either a primary or a supplemental tool to help an AHJ establish its own qualification process.

NIMS NQS Supplemental Guide for Coaches and Evaluators

The National Qualification System (NQS) establishes and promotes baseline qualifications for a national incident workforce consisting of incident management, incident support, and emergency management personnel.

Last updated December 20, 2021