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Mitigation Best Practices

This page is meant to provide you with additional resources and information to supplement the best practices.

The Best Practices Portfolio is a collection of ideas, activities/projects, and funding sources that can help reduce or prevent the impacts of disasters. To take a look at what is possible and to get ideas for your own situations, we invite you to browse through this portfolio and see what others have been doing.

The FEMA Best Practices Portfolio consists of mitigation stories submitted by individuals and communities that describe measures they have taken to reduce the loss of life and property from disasters. These Best Practices are meant to provide ideas and concepts about reducing losses and to encourage others to evaluate their own risk and consider mitigation as a long-term solution to reducing that risk. Although some stories may suggest specific applications or building techniques, they are not meant to provide technical advice about construction techniques or types of materials to use. Building codes will vary by locality; if you are making structural changes or improvements always check with your local government regarding codes that apply to your home or community. If using a contractor, be sure to use one who is licensed and bonded. For additional information on building codes and building science, visit the FEMA Library.

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What Natural Disasters are Likely in My Area?

Learn about the different disasters and hazards and how they can affect you.

Natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake, tornado and windstorm affect thousands of people every year. You should know what your risks are and prepare to protect yourself, your family and community.

What Should I Know about Flood Insurance?


What Types of Mitigation Activities Can I Do?

What are Safe Rooms?

When extreme weather threatens, you need advance warning and protection from the dangerous forces of extreme winds. Having a safe room in your home or small business can help provide "near-absolute protection" for you and your family or your employees from injury or death caused by the dangerous forces of extreme winds.

What Kind of Mitigation Grant Programs are Available?

FEMA's Mitigation Grant programs provide funding for eligible mitigation activities that reduce disaster losses and protect life and property from future disaster damages.

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