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FEMA Finance Center

The FEMA Finance Center (FFC) manages and tracks financial payments into, and out of, FEMA’s programs, offices, and services. As a program under the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the FFC’s comptrollers and financial specialists handle FEMA billing, payments, reimbursements, and other funds owed by, or due to, employees, vendors, and Agency partners such as federal, state, local, and tribal governments.

Regarding Sensitive Personal Identity Information (PII)

Please apply the highest level of protection to sensitive PII. The body of e-mails may not contain any unprotected sensitive PII. 

When sent via e-mail, Sensitive PII must be placed in a separate document attached to the e-mail and either encrypted or password-protected, as outlined below.

Save the Sensitive PII document in a Word, Excel, or other application that has a document protection feature.

  • Encrypt or password-protect the file using the application’s document protection feature.
  • Send the protected document as an attachment via e-mail, but DO NOT INCLUDE THE PASSWORD in the email.
  • Provide the password to the recipient(s) via separate transmission (e.g., via telephone call, in person, or by separate e-mail).
  • Alert the recipient(s) of the need to protect the information and properly mark the top of every page of the document using the phrase FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – PRIVACY SENSITIVE in letters larger than the document text.
  • Double-check to ensure the addressee(s) is/are correct.
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