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Continuity Excellence Series - Professional and Master Practitioner Continuity Certificate Programs

About the Continuity Excellence Series

FEMA National Continuity Programs (NCP) established the Continuity Excellence Series (CES) - Level I, Professional Continuity Practitioner and Level II, Master Continuity Practitioner on April 16, 2008. The series is designed for continuity professionals throughout the federal government and among our state, local, tribal and territorial governmental partners, private-sector owners of critical infrastructure/key resources, and non-governmental organization (NGO) disaster response entities. CES addresses the full spectrum of requirements to support a viable continuity capability. Courses are available for students at all levels, from individuals new to continuity to program managers with many years of experience. Training classes enable personnel to develop and enhance their continuity knowledge and expertise. Some courses are offered in a web-based independent study (IS) setting to allow students an opportunity to expand their knowledge of continuity.

Benefits of Continuity Excellence Series Qualifications

The CES Program brings valuable benefits to the professionals who engage in it, their sponsoring organizations, and the nation as a whole. CES combines emergency management, continuity, leadership and instructional development courses. When participants deploy in response to an emergency, the training better enables them to understand the range of activities that comprise national continuity, and how each individual task works in tandem with others to ensure essential functions are performed in any type of crisis or emergency. CES offers individuals committed to continuity planning a path to advance and hone their skills at all stages of their careers. The training and tools CES provides form the nucleus of a professional continuity cadre serving to prepare and protect the nation as well as its communities.

Training Locations

Many CES courses are available online, designated with an IS in the course number. For more information, please visit the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) for FEMA Independent Study website at: In-person trainings may be organized in the FEMA regions in coordination with Regional Continuity Managers (RCM). Additional trainings are available at EMI. For more information about in-person courses, email CES has been coordinated with EMI and meets the EMI Excellence Series requirements.

Applicants must complete the following courses and activities in any order from Level I or Level II unless specified as prerequisite to another course on the list.

Level I - Professional Continuity Practitioner Requirements

The Level I program provides a structure to enable those new to the field to develop the knowledge to become a Professional Continuity Practitioner. Courses offer a broad introduction to the range of areas involved in effective continuity planning. Students may select from a range of choices according to their organizations’ specific needs.

Complete ALL of the following:

· IS 546.a: COOP Awareness Course*

· IS 547.a: Introduction to COOP*

· IS 1300: Introduction to Continuity of Operations. (*This course replaces IS-546.a Continuity of Operations Awareness Course and IS-547.a Introduction to Continuity of Operations.

· IS 242.b or equivalent E/L/G course: Effective Communication

· IS 545: Reconstitution Planning Workshop

· IS 247.a: Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) OR IS 248: Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) for the American Public

· IS 230.d: Fundamentals of Emergency Management or equivalent E/L/G course: Principles of Emergency Management

· IS 700.a:  Introduction to the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

· IS 800.b:  A National Response Framework (NRF):  An Introduction

· IS 520:  Introduction to Continuity of Operations Planning for Pandemic Influenza Course

Complete ONE of the following:

· IS 100.b: Intro to Incident Command System (ICS)

· ICS 100: Introduction to the ICS

· ICS 200: ICS

· IS 200.b: ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents

Complete ONE of the following:

· E/L/G 548: Continuity of Operations Program Managers Course

· G 549: Continuity of Operations Program Manager Course

Complete ONE of the following:

· E/L/G 550 Continuity of Operations Planner’s Workshop

· L 552: Continuity of Operations for Tribal Government Course  

Complete ONE of the following:

· IS 120.a: Introduction to Exercises

· E 136: Exercise Development Course (limited to EMI Resident MEPP candidates)

· E/L 547:  Continuity Exercise Design Course (CEDC)*  (This course is no longer offered, but will be honored if already taken)


Level II - Master Continuity Practitioner Requirements

The Level II program provides a training structure ideal to enable experienced continuity professionals to deepen their knowledge to become leaders in driving continuity concepts in their organizations.  Courses are designed to offer intensive training in planning, evaluation, and continuity instructional delivery. Candidates for the Level II designation must complete a teaching requirement in order to obtain this advanced qualification.

Complete ALL of the following:

· IS 130a: How to be an Exercise Evaluator OR E 132 (limited to EMI Resident MEPP candidates) OR G130 Exercise Evaluation

· IS 240.b OR equivalent E/L/G course: Leadership and Influence

· IS 551: Devolution Planning Workshop

· IS 156: Building Design for Homeland Security Train-the-Trainer (T-t-T) Course for Continuity of Operations

Complete ONE of the following:

· PER 266: Instructor Training Certification(ITC)

· E/L/G 141:  Instructional Presentation & Evaluation Skills Course

Instruct or Facilitate ONE of the following:

· E/L/G 548: Continuity of Operations Program Managers T-t-T Course

· E/L 550:  COOP Planners T-t-T Workshop

· E/L 554:  Determined Accord Pandemic Preparedness Workshop

· E/L 553:  Resilient Accord Workshop

· E/L 556:  Guardian Accord Workshop

· E/L 557:  MEF Workshop

Please contact for more information on completing this requirement.

Applicants for the Master Continuity Practitioner's CES - Level II must attain the following:

Obtain a CES—Level I, Professional Continuity Practitioner qualification

Pass a Written Comprehensive Exam

· 150 Questions

· 70 percent Required Score to Pass

Applicants are eligible to take the comprehensive exam once they have completed all Level I and Level II requirements. Please contact for more information on the examination.

NOTE:  Previous EMI Course Versions are acceptable.

Continuity Training Videos

The Continuity of Operations: What You Need to Know (E/L 548 Continuity Program Managers Course) video introduces continuity managers to the concept of interconnectivity of organizations and the importance of preparedness and resiliency at all levels to ensure core capabilities and essential functions continue under an all hazards environment.

The Stepping into Their Shoes: Gaining Leadership Buy-In for Continuity (E/L548 Continuity Program Managers Course) video introduces continuity managers to tools that imparts soft skills for leadership communications and understanding, as well as tailored facts and available resources needed to feel comfortable and knowledgeable enough to frame resonating conversations with senior leadership about continuity and its benefits.

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